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Understanding Medicare Eligibility in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

Understanding Medicare Eligibility in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

Understanding Medicare Eligibility in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin

Understanding Medicare Eligibility in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin
Medicare is a program administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid that offers health insurance to people 65 and older.

When approaching or reaching 65 years of age, you can register for Medicare Parts A & B online or at your local Social Security Office. In order to purchase either a Medicare supplement plan or Medicare Advantage plan, both components must be obtained: Medicare Parts A and B.

Turning 65 and Medicare

Whether you are still working or have retired, becoming eligible for Medicare is a significant milestone. Now is the time to review your benefits and take appropriate action.

Employers typically provide drug and medical coverage to their employees. If you have employer-based benefits and continue working past 65, Medicare Part B coverage may not be required; however, if you accept Medicare Part B but defer enrollment until after age 65, it's often wise to accept Medicare Part B and defer enrollment until you retire for good.

An independent Medicare broker like a member of the team can assist you in understanding all your options and selecting a plan that meets your individual requirements.
People turning 65 may be encouraged to enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans. These plans offer a cost-effective, comprehensive solution including prescriptions and hospital stays. Furthermore, they provide transportation as well as stipends which cover any out-of-pocket expenses. Chicagoland Medicare agents can assist you in selecting the most suitable plan.

Signing Up for Medicare Parts A and B in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin

If you don't already have Medicare, you can sign up for it when you’re 64 at your local Social Security office or online. In order to do so, please bring proof of your birth certificate, identity and citizenship.
When you sign up, you’ll then need to purchase additional Medicare insurance coverage to supplement and fill in the gaps Original Medicare doesn’t cover.  
You can remain "Bare-with-Medicare" and simply add an additional standalone prescription drug plan to Original Medicare Parts A and B.  
However, most people purchase additional medical coverage on top of Original Medicare Parts A and B and D in order to save money and improve their healthcare coverage.

Purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan

When signing up for Medicare, you have two choices: Original Medicare or a private Medicare Advantage plan.

Many people opt for a Medicare Advantage plan because it is simpler to understand and use. You may also get prescription drug coverage and vision coverage included in a Medicare Advantage plan, with some even providing allowances towards over-the-counter supplies.

Some Advantage plans offer a $0 premium, which can save you money.

Medicare Advantage plans have a limited network of providers, so you cannot see other physicians or hospitals. Some procedures may need prior authorization as well.

To determine if Medicare Advantage is suitable for you, speak to an independent insurance agent like one of the professionals here at Chicagoland Medicare. They can assist in determining if this type of plan will benefit your lifestyle.

Purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin

Medicare Supplement (Medigap), also referred to as Medigap plans, are private insurance policies that cover out-of-pocket medical expenses that Original Medicare does not cover. They are standardized across almost every state; thus, almost all supplemental insurers offer the same basic policy.

In order to purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan, you must have Medicare Parts A or B as well as an independent Medicare Part D plan.

If you wish to "consume" your Medicare coverage by purchasing a Medigap or Medicare Supplement plan, it is recommended that you purchase one within six months after reaching 65 and enrollment into Medicare Parts A and B. In this way, any pre-existing conditions won't prevent coverage being denied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Independent Medicare insurance agents and agencies such as Chicagoland Medicare get paid by the insurance companies they represent. The commissions we are paid are already built into the insurance policy you’ve purchased, and there isn’t a way to carve them out of the monthly premium.  There is no extra fee for buying a Medicare insurance policy through Chicagoland Medicare, nor will you ever pay a fee for our help.

A local, independent Medicare insurance agent represents multiple carriers so that they can work to give you an unbiased opinion on your Medicare insurance plan options. Chicagoland Medicare agents and agencies are state-licensed, trained, tested and appointed by a hand-selected number of Medicare insurance companies to be able to shop and compare Medicare insurance polices to make sure we find the right fit for you!  We explore your healthcare and financial needs and listen to your feelings around options available in your local area.  We search for a plan that most closely fits your individual needs and budget.

Is Chicagoland Medicare free? Yes, our services are completely free to you and anything we get paid is paid to us by the Medicare insurance companies.

The monthly premiums you pay for your Medicare insurance policies are exactly the same.  You cannot buy a Medicare insurance policy directly from a Medicare insurance company at a lower rate. 

We have years of experience selling Medicare insurance in the Chicago area including Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

There are all sorts of differences in the amount of coverage and they type of Medicare insurance coverage you can buy depending on what state and county you live in! Chicagoland Medicare independent Medicare agents have a lot of real-world experience and insight regarding the inner-workings of Medicare insurance companies that you, the consumer, may not have access to, such as Medicare Advantage service areas, Medicare Supplemental (Medigap) annual premium increase trends, application fees, discounts programs and more.

Only independent Medicare insurance agents and agencies like Chicagoland Medicare can offer a variety of plans and an unbiased, multi-company approach so our recommendations are objective unbiased and personalized when we sell you a Medigap, Medicare Advantage or Part D drug plan that’s right for you.

At Chicagoland Medicare, we specialize in Medicare insurance products. Period. We’re not distracted by attempting to sell you life insurance, financial planning services, stocks, bonds or anything else. Medicare insurance is all we do! Unlike many other Medicare insurance agents and brokers, we don’t sell group small business health insurance polices, disability insurance, home or auto insurance. We are a boutique Medicare insurance agency, we like it that way and we’re awesome at what we do.

We only partner with ‘A’ rated, household name, established Medicare insurance companies who offer Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Medigap and Medicare Part D plans in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

We do not contract with, nor offer our clients startup, new or state-based, regional Medicare insurance companies.  We believe in partnering with established companies for consistency, financial strength and experience. 

Sometimes, Medicare insurance agents and agencies try to offer too many different insurance products from too many companies.  There are literally thousands of combinations of Medicare insurance plan combinations to choose from in the Chicago area – we choose to focus on a select few of large, reliable, well-established, and financially sound Medicare insurance companies to partner with.  Oftentimes, other local Medicare agents and agencies get pulled in too many directions with too many insurance offerings and therefore can’t be as knowledgeable as possible about any carrier or one insurance type over another. 

At Chicagoland Medicare, we limit the number of Medicare insurance carriers who have access to our clients.  We work hard to know the deep inner-workings of each of our Medicare insurance partners which means our agents and our clients aren’t distracted by small, startup Medicare insurance companies who may have a great product for a year or two, then fade into the background and exit the market.  We know our Medicare insurance company representatives by name, and know how to navigate their systems and processes. 

The bottom line: Chicagoland Medicare is an independent Medicare insurance agency.  We are not owned by a Medicare insurance company or by some large, national entity.  We’re your local Medicare insurance agency for the Chicago area. This means we only work with hand-selected Medicare insurance companies so that we can provide you with the best Medicare plan for you that’s individualized and personalized. We exist and work ONLY for our clients, unencumbered by having to push just one company’s Medicare insurance products.